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Adams ADR, a mediation firm in historic downtown Macon, has announced their official opening. The firm offers comprehensive mediation and alternative dispute resolution services and focuses on “Finding Middle Ground in Middle Georgia”.

Adams ADR offers mediation services for most business, civil and family disputes, including but not limited to: Business, Civil Rights, Construction, Domestic Relations, Employment & Labor, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Homes, Personal Injury, Personal Liability, Premises Liability, Professional Malpractice, Securities, Trucking, Workers Compensation, and Wrongful Death cases.

Adams ADR was guided by a need for a contemporary mediation firm in a convenient location to all of Georgia. With an experienced panel of mediators, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized service, Adams ADR aims to offer a high-end experience in a comfortable setting.

“The mediation approach is attractive because it eliminates many of the burdens associated with litigation,” said Judge Bill Adams, the firm’s namesake. “We strive for win-win solutions that save all parties involved time and money. We’re excited to be able to serve our state’s legal community here in beautiful downtown Macon.”

Effective in the arts of negotiation and mediation, Adams ADR’s current panel of experienced mediators includes: Judge Bill Adams, Ashley Brodie, Amy Griffith Dever, Duke Groover, Joe Howe, William Noland, David Pope, Tom Richardson, and Brad Wilson. Adams ADR recently acquired South Georgia ADR, one of the first mediation firms to serve Middle Georgia.

Adams ADR currently conducts its mediation sessions at 502 Mulberry Street, Macon, Georgia 31201. They can be reached by phone at (478) 338-9142, by email at [email protected], or online at Schedule your mediation here.