Adams ADR has experienced mediators dedicated to finding resolutions to challenging and complex disputes. We deliver results while offering personalized service at our office in historic downtown Macon. Our staff is committed to making the mediation process comfortable, convenient, and successful.

Experienced Mediation Panel
& Personalized Service

Our professional staff and panel of registered Georgia mediators focus on delivering expert, personalized mediation services. Our panel has a wealth of experience in alternative dispute resolution, and we diligently pursue fair settlements and resolutions in every case we handle. Our panel is well-known and practiced in handling a variety of cases, from medical malpractice and insurance disputes to civil rights and domestic relations.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Convenient Location

Adams ADR offers top-notch mediation services to clients without the headache of fighting traffic in Atlanta. Located in the heart of thriving downtown Macon, Adams ADR is easy to access from anywhere in the state. Downtown Macon offers abundant amenities, like plentiful parking, award-winning local restaurants, and minimal traffic to make the trip as easy as possible. You can learn more about our accommodations here.

History of Adams ADR

Adams ADR was founded in 2017 after Judge Bill Adams retired from the bench. Judge Adams served as a Bibb County State Court judge for nearly two decades, where he gained unique perspective and experience in all areas of civil trials. With his extensive judicial background, Judge Adams is committed to providing fair and experienced mediation options to Georgia. Judge Adams and the highly experienced team of mediators at Adams ADR work hard to find a fair settlement in your case.

Adams ADR recently purchased South Georgia ADR, one of the first mediation firms to serve Middle Georgia.

We look forward to discussing the details of your mediation and finding a solution to your dispute.